The Real Fire Mama

Since the release of "ISAT INNAT" debut album in 2005, Empress Ayeola has been described as a Musical Warrioress. Born in England then relocated with her family to Jamaica when she was two years old, where she grew up attending Primary & Secondary School in the parish of Manchester.

It was while attending high school (Cross Keys Secondary) that her singing potential came to the attention of her then music teacher the late Sonia Spence, better known for her seventies hits (Leaving On A Jet Plane & No Charge).
Interviews featuring Empress Ayeola
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Tribal Realities Interview
Bless up Marco, ***TR mag Interview ****

[MS]Welcome to the Tribal Realities! How are you? I bet your life is going “Higher & Higher” just like your ever popular hit, uhhh? you know, that tune always put a smile on mah face!

[EA] Jah Rastafari !

[MS]First things first...What's the story behind your name, Empress Ayeola?

[EA] well you know first of all it was about...I would say...14 years ago, I was listening to a Mutabaruka program where he was actually discussing African baby names and then the name Ayeola came up and he gave the meaning that it was “Joy and Wealth in Life” and I just love that name because it was so close to my so-called “Babylon middle name”...it was fantastic!

[MS] You sing "Beautiful Jamaica, a place for roots and culture", is there something special for you in that island?

[EA] Yuh nuh, I was born in England, left when I was about two years old to Jamaica, went to school, worked for a couple of years after graduating, then I returned to the UK.

While attending school in Ja, I had a very famous teacher, the late "great" Sonya Spence, know for hits like "No Charge, Leaving On A Jet Plane, When and many more.... She was my English and Drama teacher, sometimes she would cover for our music teacher, I was one of four girls selected to do backing vocals for her wen she was playing out, that is how i started out doing music.
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