Tribal Realties Interview
Bless up Marco, ***TR mag Interview ****

[MS]Welcome to the Tribal Realities! How are you? I bet your life is going “Higher & Higher” just like your ever popular hit, uhhh? you know, that tune always put a smile on mah face!

[EA] Jah Rastafari !

[MS]First things first...What's the story behind your name, Empress Ayeola?

[EA] well you know first of all it was about...I would say...14 years ago, I was listening to a Mutabaruka program where he was actually discussing African baby names and then the name Ayeola came up and he gave the meaning that it was “Joy and Wealth in Life” and I just love that name because it was so close to my so-called “Babylon middle name”...it was fantastic!

[MS] You sing "Beautiful Jamaica, a place for roots and culture", is there something special for you in that island?

[EA] Yuh nuh, I was born in England, left when I was about two years old to Jamaica, went to school, worked for a couple of years after graduating, then I returned to the UK.

While attending school in Ja, I had a very famous teacher, the late "great" Sonya Spence, know for hits like "No Charge, Leaving On A Jet Plane, When and many more.... She was my English and Drama teacher, sometimes she would cover for our music teacher, I was one of four girls selected to do backing vocals for her wen she was playing out, that is how i started out doing music.

Also while growing up wid the influences at the time like, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear, Culture, The I Threes, especially Mama Griffiths, Rastafari Movements,

Sister Carol and not forgetting Sonya Spence who had a huge influence on me, yes Garnet Silk tu. Suh yes! Jamaica is a special place for me.

I left music for a while after I became a mother and in March 2000, Rastafari rise I up with a new name kick dun Babylon. Suh I move back to Jamaica to start Isat Innat, which was completed in London. Move forward ah should seh!

Everything is now coming to light so we are getting to know the full facts of our history, what we represent as African people in the world, how we should unify ourselves because we must not forget that on a whole all nations came from the African nation, you know what I mean? So Rastafar-I movement has actually shown us and teach I...

[MS] I was delighted to watch your BORDERLINES video: a peace-full and power-full call to action. You are an Empress bringing peace among men on this planet... #genuine

[EA] ...but you have to because, you know, there is no peace, only war. And what's the point of this bloodshed.... di killing? Collectively we have to find a solution. It's all about Love.

[MS] Tell us more about your debut album "Isat Innat" which means....???

[EA] Fire Mama! ....

[MS] yes, indeed, I thought we were gonna talk about music but the content encoded into your music is so powerful that, you know, we are talking about political and social issues here...and I see people are ready for this they want this...they wanna listen to you, understand and change this planet...

[EA] you know, I give thanks that Rastafar-I has blessed me... I shouldn't say blessed...I would say “strengthened” me and “enlighten” me to see what's going on before my eyes...see what the naked eye can see...you know if you can reach the massive so they can also see what I have seen and elevate... we gotta speak of Truth and Rights – because that is the main foundation - it is not to say that when you are “speaking the truth” or I am “speaking the truth” (...)you are racist. I mean I am so sick and tired of hear that... we have broadly to acknowledge what is right and we have to trample what is wrong!

If you have any form of integrity in your consciousness, in your conscious state of mind and you have integrity within you this is not about a black thing or a white thing. It is about Truth and Rights. And this is all I am trying to convey to the people. This is not about one world or the other, it's about exercising Truth and Rights and Equality...until there is no longer first class, second class of any nation, you know what I mean?until there is no disrespecting, without grief, until the colour of a man skin in more significant...you know...all this destruction is going to happen, because we will never find Peace and Balance between all nations. So that's why it is for I and for many others like I, whether your chant is Rastafar-I or not, of people mind and let them know that first, you have to stand up for equal rights and justice in terms of who you are, whether you are black, white, pink or blue it don't matter. The Truth is the Truth..... We all have to move forward, because if we don't stand up for our rights...all this fat cats, spending millions on cars, million on houses that they can't live in...becuase you know, you can live in just one house at a time...while you see people are suffering, children are dying from starvation, from hunger, from disease...you know what I mean...from lack of education, from all this things upon di Earth and yet you are sitting with our wealth, drinking champagne and all these things...NO! It has to stop! And if the people do not stand up for their rights, they're gonna be trampled under feet. [this is true for] Any government of any nation...

[MS]FYAH! It's getting hot in here!This was totally a Real Fire Mama speech, I guess....now, I have one question about women...Taking a broad general view in the media/showbiz, it seems that "real" women are an endangered species Indeed, they seem to have been replaced by a grotesque, vulgar and humiliating representation of the "woman"...in this regard, what is the opinion of Isat Innat "The Real Fire Mamma"?

[EA] ...this is coming from the Bible, the woman is disregarded in the Bible...you are either of some Super-Natural Order or you are non-existent...so women became meaningless. I would like the world to know that we are the Givers of Life. Without women, there will be no one on the face of Earth. And we have to be cherished, respected, nurtured and loved. You know, this is serious![I am telling yuh dis] To all the women out there who are selling their dignity, their pride, their morality just for there sake of some Babylon-dollar! I know from the basic morality, long before I started Rastafar-I, that we are precious, we cannot be bought and we cannot be sold. And right now, it doesn't matter: you see them from the Lady Gaga come right down to the “Queens” of Jamaica, they are selling themselves to the vulgarity that some of the people of this world crave for. They are losing all sense of virtue just for the sake of Babylon...this things has to stop.Because if you have righteousness within yourself you will know that...no matter what the hardships you going through..there is something you do not sell, as a woman, your self respect. You need to remember that. Aim for your goal in life, work towards it, and you surely will achieve. To educate a nation, educate di woman.....

[MS] Do you see any connection between the way men behave towards women and the way men behave towards Mother Earth?

[EA] Well, I would say “yes” because, I would say broadly, on a whole, it's the same way they disrespect Mother Nature on a whole...because we all see what they're doing, because right now they are fracking into the soil which is disturbing the atmosphere and it's causing a lot of people to either be killed or lose their home and everything...then you have floods and hurricanes and storms and earthquakes...it is caused by what man is doing to the atmosphere and to the Earth by polluting with corruption. They don't respect Mother Earth, they don't respect Mother Nature...they're now doing genetically-modified food...what's next? Animal?...then People!

[MS]The Real Fire Mamma is taking care of world children: from your attitude and lyrics I understand your genuine interest to foster positive and powerful role-models for the youth on a global level...

[EA] we have to take care of the young and the old. We have to respect the elders, as well as nurture the youth dem who are the next generation, they are the future, dem a wi wealth. If we don't take care of them what kind of future is there gonna be? Let them know they can achieve their goals in life. Let's give dem the knowledge and let dem know their rights...Rastafar-I is Love!

[MS] Tell us more on your shows in US, Europe and around the world... where u wanna go next?

[EA] what happened is that while I was recording this album “Straight to the Point” I had taken just over 2 years off di road...in the studio to get it done, as you know I'm jus coming from the Dub Champion Festival in Vienna, which was 7th February. ... suh definitely I will be travelling soon I am just waiting to hear where next and I've been doing a lot of promotion of the album which is, you nuh, basically from radio station to radio station...hahaha... I will be performing at Woobury Park, Connecticut USA this summer with Stick Figure, Third World, Tasha T, Briggadeer Jerry an many more..August 23rd and UK July 26 with Khalilah Rose...di dates start cum een an Africa in the making for dis year...

[MS] Keep us posted on your projects, we wanna know about your next moves...

[EA] Definitely! We actually have a dub album, we have Isat Innat in Dub, which I am sure in the next couple of months will be getting the Artwork done ..should be set...

[MS] Yeah! Tribal Realities gonna support your music fo sho...101%!

[EA] I am telling you, you really really gonna love the dub album

[MS] We are looking forward to hear the new dub album from Empress Ayeola...mo' fyah from di Real Fyah Mama!

[EA] There's a lot of Empress Ayeola out there with a lot of people, including Bobby Digital

I would like to thank all my people who supported Empress Ayeola all this years, especially Sandy Thompson which is my manager in Florida, USA and my manager in Europe Clive Allick who has been in the industry since a long time, doing great things for great artists who have been out there from the pop world to the reggae world and to Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie who has always been there for me, who has work on my first album Isat Innat as co-producer and who has done this new album Straight to the Point. Nuff Love to Bubblers, to Arielle and all the musicians who have supported both albums and who have worked on it and to all the promoters, sound systems, radio deejays and my fans over the years. I give thanks for their strength...for the Fyah Is Here! It Never Goes Away! Rastafar-I love Replenishing the Earth

[MS] Nuff Love and Massive Raspek! Thank you so much for this fyah Interview from the Real Fire Mama!!!

Quick n Straight Questions (simple questions, simple answers)


Rastafar-I, Marcus Garvey, Burning Spear, there are so many who have inspired me to be as I am right now.


Love Midnite right now!


Bob Marley is a hero, Peter Tosh is a hero....You know I have other heroes outside of the music industry: Winnie Mandela, she is one of my great hero in this time.


They're so many of them!!! Catch a Fire by Bob Marley, Isat Innat by Empress Ayeola.


I love so many Studio One riddim and also love a lot of my own riddim. I would say I love Bob Marley's One Drop.


Studio One, takes me back to my childhood days...


Virtually I would say that I am a vegan, right now. Every once in a while when I go to Jamaica, I eat fish. I am not one of those Rasta who hide the truth, I speak the truth, that's who I am.


Water. Pure, Natural, Clean Water.


Jah Bouks, Jah9, Tasha T, Khalilah Rose, Chronixx buss yah now...


Next album... management sorting my riddims out now,,,, caan wait fi start!!!


Wow! Open air..... like di park festival dem...but any venue mi ready...a Jah works!

Give thanks for the interview and I'm looking forward for the next.

Marco Spada.


I come from far away.I am going far away.
Since the release of "ISAT INNAT" her debut album in 2005, Empress Ayeola has been

described as a Musical Warrioress, born in England in 1963 her family returned to Jamaica

when she was two years old where she grew up attending primary & Secondary school in the

parish of Manchester.

It was while attending high school (Cross Keys Secondary) that her singing potential came to

the attention of her then music teacher the late Sonia Spence, better known for her

seventies hit (Leaving on a Jet Plane). Spotting her vocal abilities, she introduced her to the

music business as a teenager starting as a backing vocalist doing sessions with Sonia and

other artist at various studios and at live shows in Jamaica, before eventually stepping out in

her own right.
With the success of Isat Innat and her fiery live performances Empress Ayeola is building a

solid name on the scene, shows in the US with the likes of Beres Hammond, Marcia

Griffiths, Yami Bolo and Kymani Marley and in Europe with Capleton, IJahMan Levi &

the late Desmond Dekker under her belt her reputation as "The Real Fire Mamma" is

spreading fast.

Some of the many Concerts and Festivals Empress Ayeola has performed on are

Niedergoshgen Splash 05 Switzerland, Wiesen Festival 05 Austria, Jamaica (23rd

July 2006 HIM Earthday celebration) with 5th Element Crew, Gyptian, Chuck Fender &

Perfect). Miami USA Lackark Stadium (June 25th 06) Wisdom Knowledge and Over-

standing) with Mutabaruka, Fantan Mojah, I Wayne, Queen Africa, Turbulence plus

other top names, France (Aug 4th) Ja' Sound Festival with Bunny Wailer, Chinna

Smith, and JahMali and Belgium 5th Aug Geel Festival with Sister Carol & The

Congo's, January 2007 saw her returning to Jamaica for her first appearance at Rebel

Salute 07 with the likes of Buju Banton, Junior Kelly, Gentleman, I Wayne, Tony

Rebel and The Abyssinians, her fire blazing performance was well received by both the

crowd and the media. 2008 was a very productive year for Empress Ayeola which saw her

performing in Holland, France and Hungary. Scotland saw Empress Ayeola for the first

time at the Falkirk Festival in 2009 as well as UK dates touring with Chezidek in

September of that year. 2010 & 2011 continued in Spain, France, London and

Germany. Since then Empress Ayeola is now returning to Europe for more fire blazing


During 2012 Empress Ayeola took time out to record her forthcoming album with world

renowned UK based Producer Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie, Who was instrumental in the

making of this album, entitled Straight To The Point.

Credited for his works with many artistes such as Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond,

Janet Kay, Sinead O'Connor, Suggs of Madness, Sugar Hill Gang, Maxi Priest,

Arielle among others.

Also featuring is Empress Ayeola (daughter) new R&B Sensation Arielle. In

Collaboration on track title "Mother Nature", a real treat for their fans.

2014 has once again seen Empress Ayeola at the Dub Champion Festival Vienna Austria and

t the P.O.W Brixton London, which was well received

Empress Ayeola has always loved Rastafari and is filled with passion in delivering her

melodic message of love in her songs while dealing a heavy blow to the wicked

with her cutting lyrics.

She gives Thanks to Rastafari Emperor Haile Selassie I, Empress Menen I for the blessing of

a talent that can uplift, inspire and help spread the Message of love to all People, Beating down

the oppression of Babylon.

Standing for the motherless & fatherless, babes & Suckling as a warrior Empress under the
download (1)
order set by Rastafari through his livity which embodies the principals of Universal love".

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